Q: What is Perfect Money and what are the uses for it?


A: You can learn anything you want to know about Perfect Money here: Perfect Money questions and answers


Q. Can you help me open a Perfect Money account?

A. You can open a Perfect Money account on your own, since it is a hassle-free experience. You would need to upload a proof of nationality and/or a proof of address to do this. However, if you want us to help you open a Perfect Money account, please call us to book an appointment with us at our office. We would be glad to assist you. You can also connect with us on Skype, sharing screens with us, so that we can guide you online. Please see our Contact Us page.


Q: How do I sell Perfect Money to you or buy it from you?

A: You need to register on our website before you can do business with us. Please go to “Register!” link on our website and put the required accurate information. You can check our “Privacy Policy” to see how we handle your information.  Once you have done this successfully, you can login to “buy” or “sell.” You would then click on “My Account” to choose “Buy” or “Sell”. Please follow the instruction you see there. 


Q: Do you deal in Neteller?

A: Yes, we do. But it’s in a completely different way. Services are rendered in which clients can fund and withdraw with Instaforex.com. For clients whose accounts are active within the last 30 days, the Neteller bid and ask rates are the most competitive and the most favorable.

To fund and withdraw with Instaforex.com, using Neteller, please click here: Fund and withdraw with NETELLER

Q: What other e-currencies do you also do?

A: We do Bitcoin (BTC) and AdvCash. Please contact us for more details.


Q: Do you do Skrill?

A: Yes, we do Skrill funding and withdrawal. For more info about Skrill funding and withdrawal, please click here, and scroll to the bottom: Click here to buy and sell PAYEER AND SKRILL

Fund and


Q: What do I need to know when registering on your website?

A: You need to put your correct information when registering on our website. If you have only Perfect Money account, please enter it. If you have only a Payeer account, please enter it (usually an email address). If you have both, enter them. You may also enter your Epay account number. You can always change your account information and edit it. Our services are only for those who have Perfect Money and/or Payeer or Epay accounts. If you register on our website with no e-currency accounts, and no modification is done within 48 hours, we regret to inform you that your profile on our website would be deleted.


Q. What would I do if I lose my password on your website?

A. Please ensure that you keep your password safe, trying not to forget it. For security reasons, you are unable to change or retrieve your password on our website. If you think you password has been compromised or forgotten, simply notify us so that we can disable that account. Then you would need to create another account on our website.


Q: I have not registered on your website. Can I still do business with you?

A: Yes, you can do business with us without registration, but the services we render to you would not be as excellent as when you register with us. For you to sell Perfect Money to us, you would need to contact us first and then send us:

Your account name

Your bank name and account number

If you want to buy Perfect Money from us, you would also need to contact us first. We would request for your Perfect Money account number.


Q: Can I come to your office?

A: You can come to our office if you want, but that is not required, neither is it compulsory. All transactions are done online, and we are unable to give you cash. We do not accept cash at out office. Our services online are 24/7.

Q: Why must I contact you before selling to you or buying from you?
A: We do not like to delay payment to our customers. You have to contact us first before you sell to us or buy from us so that you can know when your order would be processed - whether quickly or later in the day.
Q: How do I contact you?
A: Please see our “Contact Us” page. We prefer contacts via email, Skype and WhatsApp, which are our primary means of communication with our customers. We endeavor to reply all relevant questions and communication, though replies may not be immediate.
Sometimes, you may contact us through our phone numbers. However, the numbers are always busy, which means your calls might not be picked at times. The numbers might sometimes be off. In this case, please use email or IMs systems.
Apart from the fact that you may get transactions alerts from your bank, we also notify you of payment into your accounts, by email and SMS. Apart from notifications of transactions, we do not reply enquiries by SMS.


Q: What is the minimum amount of Perfect Money/Payeer/Bitcoin/Advcash I can sell to you or buy from you?
A: 20 USD worth. Please note, we do no allow anything below 20 USD per transaction.


Q: Can I buy Perfect Money from you in EUR or Gold?

A: All our transactions are in USD only, but we can give you EUR if you can pay for additional charges.


Q: How long would it take you to fund my account?

A: We transfer fund to your account as soon as we confirm your payment/sales to us. This should happen within minutes (or a few hours at worst). However, in reality, there may be a technical delay that causes you not to get an alert quickly, and that is why we advise customers to wait for a maximum of 24 hours. We have paid someone in the morning and they were not able to confirm the payment until late in the evening, owing to network issues. However, this kind of delay is unusual. If the manager is on seat, you would be funded within 20 to 30 minutes. If not, it would take about a few to several hours to fund you. We hope you understand this.


Q: Can I pay you in US dollars?

A: Yes, you can pay us in US dollars when you buy Perfect Money from us (at 1:1 rate). For example, if you want to buy 500 USD worth of Perfect Money from us, simply pay us 500 US dollars. Please contact us if you are interested.

Q: Any information on possible scams?
A: Our only means of communication with our customers are shown on “Contact US” page. Any means of communication other than those listed on this webpage is not from us. We do not authorize another websites or email address holders to do business on our behalf. We do not operate any get-rich-quick schemes or high yield investment plans. We do not send email to our customers, asking them to update any account details by clicking links in the email. Our website is www.ituglobalfx.com.ng, and www.instantforex.com.ng, and nothing else. A scammer may use words that are very similar to our contact addresses. For example:
itugiobalforex@gmail.com instead of ituglobalforex@gmail.com
Or ituglobalforex@yahoo.com instead of ituglobalforex@gmail.com
This is also true of Yahoo! Messenger address, Skype address (even phone numbers). If the spelling of a website, phone number, IM systems or email address you receive is different from the ones displayed on our website, then the message is from scammers, not us. We cannot be held responsible for fraud activities perpetrated by criminals.


You are advised to always login on www.ituglobalfx.com.ng and www.instantforex.com.ng to see our banking details and e-currencies accounts. This would help you avoid sending your funds to scammers.