Why is NETELLER so expensive?

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Many Neteller users wonder why it is so expensive.

Neteller is very popular among traders, bettors and investors.  Most online brokers offer Neteller for deposits and withdrawals, and that payment system has a lot of flexibility.

However, Neteller is not easy to come by, especially for Nigerians who don’t have many deposit options (unlike their foreign counterparts).

And most people buy Neteller and fewer and fewer people sell. If there were many people selling Neteller, it won’t be scarce.

Many people are not selling Neteller because you need to make profits from the markets before you can sell, and you need to know that, making money from the market is not an easy thing, especially consistent money.

There are some traders who have large quantities of Neteller but they are not ready to sell because they don’t need the money. They want to sell only when they need the money, and they sell according to their needs only. We cannot force such people to sell to us.

Finally, apart from scarcity, Neteller is expensive because the costs of transfers are very high. Imagine paying 3 USD to send only 100 USD worth of Neteller. That is the cost we bear for you.

Neteller fees are no longer capped as it used to be. If you buy 1000 USD worth of Neteleller from us, then we bear close to 30 USD as fees for you, because you need to get the exact amount you pay for. And in the face of this high fees, we need to increase the spreads in order to remain in business.

So the most important thing is that you make profits as a trader or a bettor. Once you make profits consistently, you can always sell Neteller to us to make more and more money and that is our prayers for you.

May you continue to make profits.


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