When you send Naira cash to us by mistake

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Sometimes it happens, and it has happened to our customers several times.

That’s a situation in which a customer sends Naira cash to our corporate account by mistake or they send cash to us and we don’t have the e-currency they need at the time, or we have the e-currency but it is not sufficient for them, and they cannot wait until we get another supply and they need their remaining money back.

What would happen?

It is simple…. After communicating with the relevant customer, we send their cash back to them, based on their request.

That is just it.

It’s as simple as that.

We are in Lagos, Nigeria.


We eat only what we kill, and we’re being fed by our sweat only. We don't take anything that doesn't belong to us, neither do we take advantage of anything not given to us completely.


Our business is legit…. Our customers know this. We don't go into any trouble with any organization or individual.

If you send cash to Itu Global by mistake, or you send cash but we don’t have what you need (though it’s always advisable to contact us before you proceed to buy e-currencies from us), you get your money back, to the same account you used to transfer to us in the first place.  

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