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We strongly suggest that you turn off DM's and friend request's, WE WILL NOT DM YOU!

That's not to say that you can't speak to people privately in DM - I do as I'm sure many here do - however it should be on an invite basis (ask "do you mind if I DM you" in this public chat so that everyone knows what's going on - scammers will hide it).

And if we ever DM, know that although we might get to know each other, and could even become the bestest of friends we've ever had, I will never ask:

- for money

- to set up a shared exchange account to trade together

- to send a package to you because I'm "out of the country"

- for your seedphrase to your wallet

Basically, don't give anything you woudn't give a stranger you pass on the street or meet at a bar. Small chat is cool, even become friends etc., but bear in mind you've never actually met them and can never 100% know who someone online is.

(these are some of the common methods scammers use - after they build a relationship with you over weeks or months).

If anyone approaches you in this way, post a screenshot in, report-scammers and tag a moderator.

Be smart.

Take your time.


Don't get Crypto-Catfished!

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