This is the best news for NETELLER users

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Hi Traders:

In the past, Neteller users could convert their Neteller to Euro (EUR) and withdraw directly to their domiciliary accounts in Nigeria.

Because of one reason or the other, this service was cancelled, and the only way to withdraw your Neteller was to withdraw via an exchanger.

The good news…

Just recently, Neteller has announced that all Nigerian users can now withdraw their Neteller directly to their bank accounts in Nigeria.

Use Neteller to trade, bet and invest and then withdraw your gains.

You can withdraw to 21 Nigerian banks. You can withdraw only in Naira. You would simply convert Neteller to Naira (at parallel market rates), and then order the withdrawal to your Nigerian bank account (which you would have pre-filled).

And your money will arrive within a few days.

Alternatively, you can withdraw Neteller through us as it is faster and potentially more profitable.

Contact us today to buy or sell Neteller.

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