Selling e-currencies: A word of caution to our customers

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Hello Traders:

If you want to sell any e-currency to us, please make sure you’re selling to us through your own personal wallet.

Any crypto you sell to use must be from your own personal wallet.

The only exception is Perfect Money, which can come from anywhere.

Some customers will ask a third party to send digital asset directly to us, while the customers get paid only.

This is a waste of our time and energy as we don't take deposits from third parties.


Anyone who cannot send e-currencies to us directly from their wallet/account should avoid us.


We don't want trouble with any organization or individual.

We eat only what we kill, and we’re being fed by our sweat only. We don't take anything that doesn't belong to us.


We have our name to protect.

Warning: Unless you are sending e-currencies/digital assets directly to us from your own wallet or account, do not sell to us. We don’t collect e-currencies or digital assets on your behalf…

Please note this. This is a word of caution.

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