Sell Neteller at N530/$ and collect your money now

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NB: We would soon announce a massive promo at Please stay tuned as you continue to make money from your predictions.


Hi Traders:


Sell Neteller @N530/$ and get paid right now!


You can sell Neteller at competitive rates and get paid instantly.


This promo is valid until Thursday, March 31, 2022.


We are renowned for paying people faster than other exchangers (unless our manager is not currently in seat, which can lead to a delay of some hours). We are also remarkable for offering the highest Neteller withdrawal rates in the country.


Right now, we have even raised the withdrawal rates higher in order to enable you to make more money.


If you sell at least 100 USD worth of Neteller to us, you will get N530/$... If you sell less than that, you are not qualified for this promo. So the promo is for those who sell a minimum of 100 USD per transaction. If you sell less 100 USD per transaction, you get our normal rate, not our promo rate.


If you are selling via a Neteller account you have used to buy from us before or you have already registered your Neteller account with us, you can go ahead to sell straight away. However, new sellers would need to get registered with us before they can sell.


Just tell us you want to sell, then we tell you what to do, and then you get instant cash transfer into your bank account.


It is also important for you to know that you need to cite/make reference to this newsletter in order to qualify for the promo.  



To fund and withdraw with Neteller, please visit:



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