Redstoneconnect PLC Is Now Suitable for Buyers

Posted In: Forex Trading    Posted on: 2016-09-01 18:38:04    Posted By: Yinksey   

Redstoneconnect PLC stock (LSE:REDS) is currently suitable for buyers. Price has been going on since July 2016 till now, and further gains are possible, at least till the end of this year.


From April to June, price was declining, reaching a possible yearly bottom in June and going above the upper Trendline. In this month, things have gone bullish and the market is poised to continue going further north.


The RSI period 14 also has almost gone above the level 80, showing a strong bullish momentum in the market. There would surely be a pullback along the way, which are supposed to be transient in some cases.


As said in the first paragraph, Redstoneconnect PLC would continue to gain till at least, the end of this year.


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