PredictMag hires a mad forecaster

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Biden’s supporters make money on PredictMag

Joseph Robinette Biden Jr’s supporters have made money on, as Biden wins the 2020 US presidential election. Some users also made money by predicting the range of percentage of votes Biden would gain.


PredictMag hires a mad forecaster – make money from his predictions has hired a market forecaster, whose job is to forecast the some pivotal events, with over 90% accuracy.


This is very interesting because we have observed the insane accuracy this man has achieved in the past. We gave him one task before we hired him: Forecast the winner of the US 2020 presidential elections. He chose Joe Biden and he was correct.


Occasionally, he would be sending his forecasts to you through this newsletter and we guarantee you that if you follow his forecasts, you will make money from them.


The bad news is that his forecasts would be made public only once per quarter. That is, one time in every 3 months because the accuracy of those forecasts is too stunning.  He would only choose a few or several markets and tell you his answers. If you follow those answers, you will make money.


For security reasons, we won’t reveal his real name, and as a result of that, he has adopted an alias, which is “Mr. Fortune Teller (the Soothsayer).  Get ready for his forecasts for the last quarter of the year, to be released next week.



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