Predict 15 Markets and Win Phones and Cash

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How to Become PredictMag Prophets and Oracles


Category 1: PredictMag Prophets



Predict 15 successive markets correctly. Everybody who does this will win the prizes above. The profits you make from those successful predictions are also yours by default.


You can choose your markets from any of our categories, but you have to get 15 predictions correct one after the other without a break. You can stake any amount you like, per prediction. If you choose more than one answer in a trade and you get one wrong, you do not qualify. To qualify, there must never be a wrong answer in each of the 15 consecutive trades you choose.


Voided trades will not be counted for you or against you. You will send a screenshot of your historical trades if you qualify. Then we will contact you to give you your prize(s).  You will become one of PredicMag Prophets. and we will use your testimony for promotional purposes.



Category 2: PredictMag Oracles



You must have won the prize in Category 1 before. Then if you repeat the same thing anytime, and by making 15 straight predictions without a single loss (predict another 15 markets consecutively, successfully), you will get a nice, high quality Android phone, plus N100,000 cash.


The rules for Category 1 also applies, but the difference is that you repeat it the second time, hence another Android phone, plus N100,000 cash.


What more?

If you qualified for Category 2, you will be listed as one of our featured PredictMag Oracles.


How to collect the prizes

You will come to our office in person to collect your smart phone or send somebody with a valid ID card to collect it on your behalf (the person’s picture and ID card image would be previously sent to us by you). The cash will be transferred electronically to your personal account.


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