Our Signals Strategies for Trading and Investing – Part 3

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Veteran traders know that there is a need to reduce the high quantity of trading signals, in return for fewer but more accurate ones.

For me, I have one strange, personal strategy that takes advantage of a weird correlation between NZDJPY and GBPPUSD.


I forward-tested the strategy for one year (2021), and then started using it in 2022.


The strange strategy generated only 6 signals in 2022 and all the signals made money – 100% accuracy in that year. Each signal gave me at least 200 pips in profits, and I made around 1200 pips in total.


As weird as it is, it is yet to generate any signals this year, and I am comfortable with that, knowing full well that once a signal comes, it is time to make another money. Since the strategy is good at avoiding losing trading opportunities.


Trading geniuses who are very good at statistics, know that your annual profitability has a lot to do with how many losing trades you’re able to avoid. The more losing trades you end up not taking, the higher your chances of making profits on an annual basis.

There are times you buy low and sell high... There are times you buy low only and shun sell trades.... And there are also times when you sell high only and ignore buy signals...


Only many years of experience and hard knocks in the market can make one recognize these periods.

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