Our Signals Strategies for Trading and Investing – Part 2

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NB: In the 5-part articles in this series, we would explain the strategies used to trade Forex, stocks, indices, crypto pairs, and other cryptocurrencies, for our VIP followers, because they are interested in making profits with us.

Kunle F. is one of our signals strategists in the VIP Group. His strategy is described below.

Kunle F’s Strategy

My Strategy Description


I trade Smart Money Concept with the use of Demand and Supply zones. Firstly, I identify strong bullish or bearish trends. I do not trade ranging markets. Strong trends are characterized by impulsive displacements in specific directions and this is what I seek to ride on. The pullbacks or corrections are lethargic. I take advantage of inefficiently traded regions because they are used as anchor points for retracement.


I trade Forex pairs. To have an edge in the market I have a minimum of 1:3 RRR. I use the market structure to determine the adjustment of my stop loss and to also break even. I take partial profits as the trade moves in my direction.

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