Our new NETELLER VIPs: Soile Adekunle, Olufemi Omoare, and Alex Abalaka

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Hello Traders:

Every year we choose a few people among our customers to become our NETELLER VIPs. They are among the customers that have bought the highest quantities of Neteller from us and/or sold highest quantities to us. Some of them did not buy or sell highest quantities, but they were so consistent in their transactions and also persistent, that they eventually qualify.

Our NETELLER VIP status is a permanent status.

Our latest Neteller VIPs
Olufemi Omoare Olusola:
Olufemi came to our office in the year 2016 to make sure that we were not a group of 419 scammers, before he started doing transactions with us. He came to our office after then, and also sent people. He has been doing transactions with us online since then (Neteller only). He buys and sells Neteller.

Alex Abalaka Edwin.:
He sent his brother to our office, about 6 years ago, to verify us, before he sold Neteller to us in the presence of his brother. We connected via Skype video, and he sent Neteller as his brother was with us, witnessing the transaction. He doesn’t buy Neteller – he only sells. He is a huge quantity seller.

Soile Adekunle Oladipo:
Our Ibadan-based customer. He does not only do Neteller, but he also does other e-currencies like Perfect Money, etc. He is someone that likes to remind us of his rights as a customer. And he is correct; customers are always right. We are happy to announce him as our VIP, owing to his consistency.

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