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Hello Traders:

This is Mr Fortune Teller, the man who predicts the markets and events with insane accuracy.

My predictions have made a lot of speculators become rich, and they love me for that… On the other hand, my predictions have also created enemies for me.

I once told you that Trump supporters threatened to kill me because I said Trump would not win the last US Presidential elections.

In Nigeria, I have had bitter-sweet experiences:

I managed to escape a pack of wild dogs in Oshogbo. I jumped one fence to the other sides when the dogs were charging at me.

In Ladipo, Lagos, I was barely lucky not to be a victim of pickpockets who were stalking me.

Later, by divine Providence, I was saved from land-grabbers/thugs who wanted to break bottles on my head.  It is evident that rights and laws that are well known in my home country, are not applicable here.

Apart from all these, Nigeria has been an interesting place to be, and Nigerians are wonderful people. I don’t regret coming to this country, all the way from my foreign homeland. I hope to remain here for the longer-term.


A better experience is when you make predictions/market forecasts/trading signals and you make money out of them. Everything we do in life is simply a game of speculation. Any step we take is because we expect certain results, or there is a need for it.

Those who have traded my trading signals/predictions before, know how accurate they are.

Stop losing in the markets
Sometimes I cry when I see people who are fighting desperately to make money in the markets, and they still lose at the end of the day.

I want to help such people.

We are launching a massive program for all traders all over the world in which I would be making free predictions for everybody to make money in the market. The economy is hard and we want to make as many people as interested, to make money free of charge.

Yes, the predictions will be free and I will let you know once we start.

If you like, you can join our Telegram channel, while waiting for the program to be announced. Because the free services would be in Telegram only.

You can join our waiting list here:    

Meanwhile, for Trump supporters who hate me, I love you all.

Yours sincerely,                                                                                            

Mr Fortune Teller

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