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Last week we told you the reasons why we ported from 9Mobile (Etisalat) to MTN.

The article is here:

Well, many 9Mobile customers simply stopped using their SIMs.

But if your 9Mobile SIM is important to you, you may want to retain that number while you migrate to another network.

Yes, you would lose all the info and data on the SIM (and that emphasizes why you need to back up your info), but you would retain your number.

My 9mibile numbers are important to me, just as others find their phone numbers important to them as well, and that is why the numbers needed to be retained.

For you to keep your business integrity, your contact details (including your phone numbers), must remain the same and must be constant, as long as possible. Otherwise, your legitimacy and integrity will be questioned.

Changing contact details and phone numbers often and often is one of the red signals/warning signs of fraudulent groups and scams. Anyone who usually changes their phone numbers should be suspected or avoided.

Don’t deal with any purported individual, group organization, or business who occasionally change their phone numbers, tabling flimsy alibis. They will change their phone number after they have scammed you.

Going back to 9Mobile, I was really getting nuts because I was their customer. I couldn’t use data, call, and even SMS.

Even when their services were better, I would sometimes need to walk out of the building before I could receive calls or send SMS. Imagine a situation in which you couldn’t even use a service while in the comfort of a building, and you had to walk out into the sun or the rain or into an unwelcoming crowd, just because you wanted to use a service.

While using a 9Mobile SIM for transactional purposes, I couldn’t even get codes to log in to important accounts or complete crucial transactions… Is that the network I should continue staying with?

I loved 9Mobile (formerly Etisalat) so much, and I endured many painful service experiences with them for more than 3 years (and I was their customer for 13 years). But enough is enough.

After all, their services aren’t free.

Until a woman tries to find a different husband, she can’t know who one is better. She may think her husband is good until she discovers a better man. She may think her husband is bad until she discovers a worse man. But she cannot know a better or a worse man until she makes an attempt to go into another relationship.

My relationship with 9Mobile has ended, though I still love them. MTN has a more stable network and wider coverage. That is a fact.

What’s happening to 9Mobile is painful to me. When even some members of staff are porting their numbers to another network, then, time up.

Changing their CEO is simply a comedy because there is no magic that could be done again. The only solution is to sell the company, to foreign or local investors, so that they won’t go the way of Starcomms.

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