Monthly Forecasts for CFDs (September 2016)

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Dominant bias: Bearish

AUS200 dipped at the beginning of August, and moved sideways till last week, when it went down significantly. The bias has turned bearish, and unless price goes above the resistance line at 5620.0 to effect a new bullish outlook on the market. This month, further dips are expected, which would enable bears to reach the support lines at 5350.0, 5250.0 and 5200.0 respectively.     



Dominant bias: Neutral  

SPX500 has recently experienced what can be called an unprecedented volatility contraction in the last few decades. The market went flat throughout August 2016 – an action that has brought about a neutral bias which essentially started in July. This neutral bias would remain in place this September, until there is an end to it before the end of the month or early next month. Yes, the sideways movement would end as price goes conspicuously upwards or downwards. On the upside, there would not be any protracted bullish movement any longer, since the bullish phase has already reached maturity; and on the downside, price would decline seriously in case anything awakens the slumbering bears.



Dominant bias: Neutral  

This market also did not go upwards or downward significantly last month, which has resulted in a sideways phase. Price would continue to swing to and fro within resistance level at 18670.0 and the support level at 18240.0; until something forces it to go above that resistance level or below the support level. When the market gains momentum, most probable direction would be southward, because smaller timeframes like 4-hour and hourly charts reveal that bears are currently making some covert attempt to end the neutral bias against bulls.    



Dominant bias: Bullish  

As it was anticipated last month, this trading instrument was able to go above the high of June 23, 2016, which was 10470.8 (which had been our goal since the large pullback of June 24), therefore enabling buyers to fully recover their recent losses. The bias remains bullish in the daily chart and neutral in the 4-hour chart. Bullish effort is noticeable in the market, as it closed with bullish candles in daily and 4-hour charts. This means that bulls are still willing to push price upwards this month, which could reach the supply levels at 10805.0, 10855.0 and 10900.0. These targets are attainable this year.   



Dominant bias: Bullish

Just like GER30, FRA40 also closed on a bullish note last Friday. In August, price reached a low of 4290.4 and a high of 4525.9. Bulls are also willing to effect further northward movement, for there are Bullish Confirmation Patterns in the 4-hour and daily charts. Price is now at the highest level since April 2016, and the achievement for this month would be to break above the high of April 2016, which is located at 4612.9.  




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