Laycon’s fans make money on PredictMag

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Laycon’s fans make money on PredictMag

Laycon doesn’t know most of his fans, and as he walks away with immense riches, many of his fans will continue to struggle to pay their bills. Most fans support him out of pure goodwill, because the matter is like a video gamer who achieves 5000 points and feel they have accomplished something, when in fact, they have achieved nothing.


The story is different when you support Laycon and also make money from that. Nothing makes you fulfilled more than when you do things you love and you get financial rewards for that. About 85% of our users bet in favor Laycon and they make an average of 100% returns each. Some make as much as 150% profits



How N200K was distributed free among PredictMag users

A total sum of N200,000 has been distributed among 20 users on PredictMag, just because they registered on the website. These are the users that met our terms and conditions and they were given free money to predict and make more money.


Many users registered and endeavored to benefit from the promo, but we were able to choose only 20 of them. The criteria we used in selecting winners are:


The speed of their registration, following the announcement,

Ability to complete their profile with relevant information,

Ability to upload the required documents (passport photos and ID card, front and back)


They can use that money to predict and make more money and they can withdraw as they wish.


For those who did all the above, but were not selected, we apologize to you. We couldn’t choose everybody because the funds available for that were limited.


If you want to reach us quickly, have questions for us on PredictMag or you want to enjoy more promos, stay tuned:  




What will be the Lagos parallel market buying rate for Naira (NGN) to US Dollar (USD) at the end of Friday, October 2, 2020?

Profits: 100% > Categories > Markets



Will EURUSD close strictly below 1.1500 by the end of Friday October 2, 2020?

Profits: 100% > Categories >Forex


How many times will Babajide Kola-Otitoju appear on TVC Journalists’ Hangout between Monday October 5, 2020, and Friday, October 9, 2020?

Profits: 100% > Categories > Local Events



How many times will Akashat Nymat appear on TVC Your View between Monday, October 5, 2020, and Friday, October 9, 2020?

Profits: 75% > Categories > Others


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