Itu Global Loses a Loyal Customer

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Itu Global Loses a Loyal Customer


Peter O. Oyebanji was one of our loyal customers who had been doing business with us for many years.


 I first met him at one of the past Instaforex Nigeria monthly traders’ forums at Diamond Estate Lagos.

I contributed my ideas at the forum and he was one of those who collected my number after the forum ended.

He started doing business with us when he got to know that we are an exchange. He came to our office to get help verifying his Neteller account, and the verification effort was successful.


 He usually bought Neteller from us.


 Later he opened a Perfect Money account and came to our office again to get assistance in having the account verified.


 He usually bought PM as well, and later USDT.


 As an Erdely man, I sometimes sought his advice on certain issues of life, and he gave me insightful advice and opinions on some aspects of life.


 This shouldn’t be a surprise to you readers, as we we have formed personal relationships with some of our customers.


The last time Peter Oybanji came to our office was during the cashless policy period around March 2023… We were able to give him some cash, and he transferred some money to us in return.


 We don’t do POS business – we just did that for him because he needed the cash desperately.


 After that time, he bought e-currencies from us a few more times.


 The last time he bought anything from us was May 21, 2023. I didn’t hear from him after that.


 So in early July, I sent a WhatsApp message to him to ask how he was doing, and that we had not heard anything from him for a long time. That was when I got to know he had been on admission in a private hospital in Sagamu, Ogun State.


 “I need more money for my treatment, and as I am talking to you, I can’t stand up,” he pleaded with us.


 I reached out to him, and did what I could.


 Later I learned that he had been transferred to a military hospital in Lagos. He usually called to update on his current situation, and I reached out to him once more.


 Then I heard nothing from him again. I sent another WhatsApp message. There was no reply. His number was off.


 Last Friday, I was able to get through on his phone, but the call was picked by a hospital attendant.


 “Mr Peter is dead,” the attendant told me.


 Mr Peter died on August 7, 2023. He was taken to a mortuary and embalmed there.


 When I heard the news… I cried like a baby. It is so painful, to lose a terrific soul like that.  And this was someone we were planning to make our VIP next year.


 As a human, I did what I could do. His children tried their best. They rallied round and did what they could do.


 This is a solemn message. If you know how to do good, continue. If you know how to do bad things, continue. If you can’t treat others the way you want to be treated, continue. If you think the only way you can succeed and make it in life is to dupe people, scam people, cause heartaches to others and make them cry, continue.


 There is a reward for everything we do.


 Rest in peace, Mr. Peter O. Oyebanji.


 NB: His picture is attached with this message.


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