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There is a new, awesome website named Predictmag, which opens a whole new way for Nigerians to make money, based on their knowledge of future outcomes.


While many Nigerians argue physically and online, fight, burn their data, waste their time and energy, arguing about politics and events in Nigeria without getting paid for that (something that is best left for paid journalists), I can simply remain silent and predict these events and make money.


I’m not interested in politics, though I have mostly been right in my past expectations of political events. Now I can monetize my expectations – and that is fun and interesting. You can choose from any categories you like.


This is not like casino, where your chances of winning are slim, because you’re predicting blindly. This is not where you risk N1000 and hope to win N400000. The profits made from the website are moderate and realistic.


I can even change my mind and choose another answer while a trade remains open. I can increase my stake as well to increase my profits potential, especially whenever I’m sure of my prediction. These are games of knowledge: Conduct your research and make money from your findings, analysis and knowledge.


Making 400% Returns from Political Predictions

Some questions (with rules) are posed on the website and you will choose your answers. Voila! You get paid when the results are determined. The proofs of the results are available for everybody to see.


Trade: Will Godwin Obaseki win APC governorship primaries in Edo State? Yes or No.


I chose “No” because I knew Adams Oshiomhole might use his influence to frustrate Obaseki’s quest to contest again on APC platform. But I was a bit skeptical. APC trumped up an excuse to disqualify Governor Obaseki from contesting in APC primaries. Obaseki quit the party.


I won 50% profits.  


Trade: Will Osagie Ize-Iyamu emerge as Edo State governorship candidate in 2020 elections?


I predicted in favor of Osagie Ize-Iyamu. That man has become very popular in Edo, even before year 2020. I was sure Ize-Iyamu would emerge as APC gubernatorial candidate and I doubled my stake.


I won another 100% profits.


Trade: Will Godwin Obaseki join PDP?


I thought PDP would not allow Obaseki to join them in final hours, as they could view him as an unreliable person that can end up betraying the party. I was wrong. PDP accepted Obaseki. Most probably because he was the one that could really pull crowd in support of PDP as an incumbent governor.


I lost that bet.


Trade: Will Godwin Obaseki win PDP governorship primary in Edo State?


The governor is the best choice for PDP now, because the party has technically come to power in Edo, since the governor is their member. They wouldn’t want to lose the opportunity. I chose “Yes.” I was right.


I made another 50% returns.


Trade: Will Rotimi Akeredolu emerge as APC governorship candidate in Ondo State?


I was also sure (though being sure didn’t mean the outcome must be as I expected), and as such, I doubled my stake. Akeredolu is now very influential in Ondo State.


I made another 100% returns.


Trade: Who will emerge as PDP gubernatorial candidate in Ondo State after PDP primaries?


4 options were provided, which included Agboola Ajayi and Eyitayo Jegede. I knew Agboola Ajayi might be seen as a betrayer, he fell out with Akeredolu and joined PDP in the last hours, without considering that there were other governorship aspirants who had remained loyal to PDP.


I doubled my stake and made 200% profits. But because I made one loss in the course of all these, I had around 400% profits to take home.


All the trades above are now closed, but there are new trades running now. I’m taking advantage of them already.


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