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Hello Traders:

We have 29 Itu Global NETELLER VIPs at the moment, and we want to give 5 of them a free lifetime access to our Telegram VIP group.

In the PredictMag Telegram VIP group, you have access to trading ideas, investment tips, signals, and other secrets that are not accessible or available to others.

In order for Itu Global VIP members to gain access to PredictMag VIP group, all that is needed to be done is for them to send an email message to:

The title of the message would be “I want to become a PredictMag VIP member for life.”

Then send your Telegram ID in the content/body of the email, and you will be added.

This promo is only for the first 5 Itu Global VIPs to email us.

Our VIPs know themselves because when they were chosen, they were notified by email or text message and/or Instant Messaging.

The offer is on a first-come-first-served basis.


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