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 If you have already been a crypto enthusiast for some years, you should have noticed that crypto goes through predictable cycles.


 One of the best ways to look at the crypto cycles is to check the historical data of BTCUSD. You can see the BTC monthly chart below.


 You can see that dips have always been followed by rallies and lower highs are always followed by higher highs.


 Long-term hodlers will always win in the long run, because dips in Bitcoin price, no matter how deeps they are, will always recover eventually, and make more and more returns for holders. All these are just a matter of time.


 Crypto Winters Are Often a Test of Viability

 Whenever cryptos are bearish, what go behind the scenes are technological developments and innovations that bring cutting-edge use cases.


Crypto winters help sieve out bogus and ineffectual crypto projects: they floor jokers and opportunists and create rooms for sound crypto business ideas. 


 Bearish markets are no picnic, but they are priceless since they coerce us to be serious with only the principles that can stand tests of the time. To innovate, to try passionately, and solve new problems in new ways.


 Bullish markets are for traders, while bearish markets are for innovators. The crypto cycles are ups and downs in the markets, but the ups will forever be higher than the downs, hence a nice bullish curve.


Whenever there is a crypto winter, innovations that will bring out the next crypto summer are often made. The innovations may be DeFi, DeSci, NFTs, DAOs, etc. The next bullish cycle in the markets would be powered by new emerging tokens that bring forth cutting-edge use cases.


 You may want to invest in tokens that have interesting use cases and great future growth potential. I’m not talking about useless tokens out there, which are created out of thin air, with no real-world uses, except for buyers who buy with the hope that the prices would go up.


 I once talked about sound principles that must be behind each crypto project, for the project to stand tests of the time. Sound principles that work should be a prototype that emerging crypto businesses ought to emulate. I mean honesty, trust, transparency, tangible returns, verifiable revenues, and most importantly, approaching the world of blockchain as you would approach any other demanding area of human endeavors.


I appreciate all crypto investors worldwide, particularly those who have stuck to their investments in the face of the vagaries of the markets.


 In a foreseeable future, you will be compensated by the crypto markets, even more than what you could think is possible.



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