Evaluating Mr. Fortune Teller’s Last Predictions

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Mr. Fortune Teller’s last predictions for the second quarter of this year have long been decided. Please see the results below:



Will Belarusian Alexander Lukashenko remain in power by the end of June 2021?





Mr. Fortune Teller’s answers: Yes – CORRECT!




Will Hassan Rouhani still be President of Iran by the end of Wednesday, June 30, 2021?





Mr. Fortune Teller’s answers: Yes – CORRECT!




Will Isa Ali Pantami resign or be removed from office as Minister of Communications and Digital Economy before the end of June 2021?






Mr. Fortune Teller’s answers: No – CORRECT!




Will Pastor E. A. Adeboye worship at RCCG National headquarters at Ebute Metta, Lagos, on Sunday, June 6, 2021?





Mr. Fortune Teller’s answers: No – WRONG!



Evaluation of the wrong answer:

Mr. Fortune Teller has made a total of 10 quarterly forecasts since joining us and we cannot sack him because he got only 1 forecasts out of 10 wrong.


Prediction is hard. It is one of the hardest jobs in the world. If predictions were easy, all bettors and traders would be rich by now. But the truth is, very few people can predict the future with any considerable amount of accuracy, and that is why many Forex, stock, sports, Binary Options and commodities traders find it difficult to make consistent profits online.


Most of us so do well in life are not always right and we are not perfect. Sometimes we make predictions based on facts and the facts may change. Let us give a few examples:


Pastor E. A. Adeboye just lost his beloved son, and Mr. Fortune teller deduced that he might not worship at RCCG National headquarters at Ebute Metta, Lagos, on Sunday, June 6. Why? Because of the emotional trauma that could be the cause. But Daddy G.O, went to the headquarters to minister live on June 6.


Was it not God that asked Prophet Isaiah to go tell King Hezekiah that he should prepare to die? Was it not the same God who asked Isaiah to go tell him that he would not die again?


Today, Isaiah would have been branded a false prophet (because nobody was there when God was talking to him), and he made a prediction and later changed the prediction.


Jonah tried to escape an errand from God and he was caught by force and sent back on the errand. But his prophecy of doom on Nineveh did not come to pass – which made Jonah sad and angry. God changed his mind, not to destroy Nineveh again, because of innocent babies, repentant souls and his mercies.  


Yes, God can change his mind.


Today, Jonah would have been branded a false prophet.


Babajide Kola-Otitiju is a good political forecasters with wonderful track records, but his prediction for the last Edo start gubernatorial elections was wrong.


Albeit we live in a world where people will ignore your accuracy, good moves and good qualities and concrete on your shortcomings, failures and imperfections. And your detractors are even worse than you in their own ways; being far from perfect.  


Prophet T. B. Joshua, who is an unusually great minister and who recently passed way, didn’t get all his predictions right. Most predictions were correct and a few were not. And, he lived a fulfilled life and impacted millions of lives. He came, he saw and he conquered.


We cannot say Mr. Fortune Teller is not a good Prognosticator because he got 1 prediction wrong.


Congratulations to those who followed his predictions and made money.


More predictions are coming from him.


Source: https://www.predictmag.com/ 



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