Cryptocurrency: The White Man’s Money Ritual – Part 2

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This is your last chance to make serious wealth from cryptocurrencies


Hello Traders:

Every 4 years, BTC's supply is reduced by 50% as a result of Bitcoin Halving.

Each time that happens, cryptocurrency has pumped towards ATHs (all-time highs).

It’s crucial that you pay attention to what the crypto market is doing before the Bitcoin Halving occurs.

Those who buy early has had the chance to turn a few thousand USD into millions of USD, just within one year.

But the current bull market that’s brewing up is quite unusual.

Billions in USD are flowing into the BTC market every day, as a result of the new spot BTC ETFs on Wall Street.

In the last bull market, BTC almost touched the resistance level at $70,000, without spot BTC ETFs…. Now think of what will happen during the current bull run with spot BTC ETFs.

All over the world, for a limited period of time, ordinary people have the same opportunity to make money that will last them for generations.

I’m not crazy about Bitcoin, however, because it’s too expensive right now.

There are other small coins that you can buy, which have small market caps and can make you 1000%, 5000%, 10000%, even 100000% or more. This will happen within this year and next year and the performance will beat BTC in terms of percentage.

Soon, you will look back and discover this is one of the most important points in your financial journey in life.

A real-world scenario

There is a trader who recently made N3.2 billion NGN within 23 days, after investing roughly N90,000 in one Solana memecoin.

Yes financial news media carried the news.

The trader started trading the memecoin within 5 minutes of its opening for trading, buying 43 million coins with N90,000 NGN. 22 days later, the coin capitalization grew to $123 million USD.

The guy withdrew N850 million NGN and left the rest of the money to grow.

I won’t mention the name of that Solana memecoin here (the name is for our VIP members only).

Not all coins will behave like this. Some coins will perform below expectation and some coin will perform according to expectation. However, some coins will perform beyond expectation.

If I give you a list of 300 high-probability coins to put on your radar, at least, 9 of them will perform beyond your imagination.

Who can boast of investing N5 million NGN in real estate and then make a profit of N100 million NGN within 5 years?

If you invested N20,000 NGN in Bitcoin less than 14 years ago, you could withdraw N135 billion NGN today.

Late Van K. Tharp, PhD, once said, cryptocurrency is the biggest asymmetrical bet in the investment history of the world.

A typical real-estate scenario
A few years ago, a young investor bought a 2-bedroom flat in Lekki, Lagos, for N57 million NGN, and rented it out at the rate of N4 million NGN.

It would take him 14 years to recover his money.

Yes, he can increase the rent later, to, say N6 million NGN per annum… But what I don’t even factor in, is the costs of maintenance of the house, costs of litigation in case the tenant defaults in payment and refuses to move out on time, thus wasting another several months or years.

During a bull market, crypto can make you recover your money in a single day or a single week or at worst, in a month, while you even make hundreds or thousands of percentages of profits within some months.

Our houseowner at Lekki is a young man, but is it worth it to wait for 14 years before you can recover your money, not even talking about making capital gains? Some even wait for 20 – 30 years to recover their money when they rent out their houses.

One uncle of mine had to wait for 11 years before he made 600% profit on the land he bought. But crypto can give you 600% in one week, in a bull market.

More on this in a future article.

The last most important bullish movement in the crypto market will start any days from now. If you don’t participate in it, that means you lose your last chance to make generational wealth from cryptocurrencies.

Do you want to miss this colossal $30 trillion USD movement that will certainly make a lot of people wealthy?

But you need to beware of 419 scammers (thieves called Yahoo/Gee idiots) and try not to enter the market at a wrong time. Bitcoin has created plenty of millionaires and billionaires, but those who don’t know what they’re doing have also become victims. To make money, you need to do it right.

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I end this piece with the quote below:

“I want you to ask yourself this question…

An 18-year-old high school dropout, two wedding photographers who nearly lost their jobs due to COVID-19, and a substitute teacher living paycheck to paycheck…

What do they all have in common?

They all became millionaires thanks to past crypto bull runs.”
– James A.

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