Bad news for Perfect Money (PM) buyers?

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Early last year Perfect Money could be bought at N500/$ or less. Now you can only buy it at N760/$ (unless you’re dealing with a scammer who will give you a very low rate and later run away with your money).

This is definitely not good news… That you need to pay more for what you paid less for, recently. There are economic problems all over the world and things are getting worse.

There are also serious economic problems in Nigeria which are making NGN to get weaker and weaker. The huge demand for, and the scarcity of USD is one factor driving the rates up.

Perfect Money has become a very scarce commodity and the demand for it is increasing day by day, hence the high rates you see today.

We’re even sad to let you know that the rates can go higher, because of the reasons above, and that is bad news.

What can you do?

Make Money. Period.
All Perfect Money supply we get comes from online traders, online businessmen and online bettors. The fact that PM is scarce means that it is not easy to make profits online.

No matter how expensive PM may become, some people will always buy, because they are successful traders, businessmen and bettors. They are rich.

That is why we humbly beg you to try as much as possible to make consistent profits from the markets. Make use of all your knowledge, experience and wisdom to make money from the markets.

Then you can sell Perfect Money at higher rates and get rich.

Please make money.

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