5 Ways To Make Money From The Markets Without Capital

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“Once you get your trading plan completed however, and you have a successful track record of six months of solid trading results, lock that plan up and never share it with anyone. Use it to build an incredible life for you and your family. Hold on to the edge you have worked so hard to attain. Be happy to share your knowledge but that does not have to mean giving away your strategy and edge.” – Sam Seiden


There are certain other ways through which you can make money from the markets without your own capital, and that’s what this article reveals.


Many people are eager to commit real money to trading; which is not a bad thing. However, the most crucial thing is correct trading knowledge. When you’ve correct trading knowledge, capital will come looking for you, which means that your knowledge makes you rich. If you’ve capital and you don’t have the right knowledge, you’ll soon be done away with your capital.


When you’ve the right knowledge and no capital, these are what you can do to become rich gradually as a trader:


You can work as a signals provider: If you’ve a good trading idea or strategy, you may want to become a trading signals provider at one of relevant websites like Zulutrade. Registration and services are free, and you can trade Forex, CFD and Binary Options. Once you use a positive expectancy system with sensible risk control tools, you’ll begin to gain live followers. You then get paid a percentage of the trading volume generated by trades that get opened as people copy your trades automatically.


You can get investors through proven demo track records: This is possible on relevant websites like Myfxbook.com. You can open a demo account with a good MT4 broker and register the account on Myfxbook. Your trades are recorded and analyzed automatically. After many months or a few years of positive track records (clean survival), you might convince an investor (or investors) to commit some capital to you. You then get some percentage of profits you make on that capital. I know someone who got employed as a trader in a reputable bank – only because he’d a demo account that showed good results of a few years.


You can get money by joining demo trading competitions: Luckily, many brokers organize forex trading competitions with various awards methods. Some brokers would give you a cash prize for being one of the top winners and a contract to manage money for them. Some brokers would give you a free deposit as one of the winners. You can’t withdraw the deposit, but you can withdraw the profits made on it. Some brokers can allow you to withdraw the money from your MT4 account once certain conditions have been met; like trading with some desired volume. Recently, Tallinex.com organized a demo trading competition, in which 15 winners were given generous cash prizes, which could be withdrawn immediately or traded as each winner liked.


You can make money as an IB: I wouldn’t expatiate on this. Please ask your broker who an IB is and what the rewards for a successful IB are. 


When you get some money, you can provide automated trading signals with real money on some relevant websites like Collective2. People who find your trades useful would gladly pay monthly fees for the use your strategy.


There are other ways to make money from trading related activities, without having your own capital. Can you think of some more of them?


When you’ve a proven strategy, the best thing is to trade it with real money. Some people don’t have money to open a decent trading account and they got talent as traders. Once they can prove their expertise in a simulation mode, they might get seed money to start their own trading business. 


I know that some negative views people have about trading are simply not true.


Conclusion: Visionaries can’t be intimidated by the markets…. Schools don’t make successful people; learning makes successful people… You’ve to be different before you can make a difference.


I wish you a profitable trading future.


This article is ended by the quote below:


“But truth is… We all have losing trades..., as we all have winning trades. We all have good days..., and bad. We all.., are only as good - as how we managed the last trade - regardless of that trade's outcome. Trading is not about the amount - it only about the process..., routine..., making a plan for each trade..., then trading that plan to fruition. It’s about discipline...., patience..., repetitiveness..., with no opinion..., and one's ego set aside low..., it about self-management in a totally uncertain environment” – Redneck (Source: Elitetrader.com)



Source: www.tallinex.com


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