09085623559 ported to MTN

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Our business line 09085623559 is now an MTN line

Hello Traders:

Our business line, 09085623559, is now an MTN line.

Formerly it was a 9Mobile (Etisalat) line.

But now that it’s an MTN line, the line is more stable, more readily available and clearer than before.

In the coming week(s), we will tell you why we ported the phone number to MTN network.

Please remember, DO NOT call our WhatsApp number, either by a direct call or by Internet call. Anyone who repeatedly flaunts this rule may need to be restricted from using our WhatsApp line.

Our WhatsApp number is for instant messaging only, not for calls.

If you need to call us, our business line is open for calls and text messages.

Our business line once again: +234 (0)9085623559

Please note, we would soon let you know why we left 9mobile network.

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