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ItuGlobal VPS for VIPs How to order for your VPS

How to order for your VPS

Plan A:

Annual Plan: N240,000 ($660) per year (i.e. N20,000/$55 per month)

Monthly Plan: N40,000 or $112


Plan B:

Annual Plan: N360,000 ($996) per year (i.e. N30,000/$83 per month)

Monthly Plan: N55,000 or $155

Please pay the required amount into:

Option 1:

Account email:

Option 2:

Account number: U2356415 (analyst)

Option 3
Our Bank Account:

Account Name: Itu Global Ventures
Bank Name: Access Bank
Account: 0708211760 

After your payment. Please send us your name, email address, phone number and the amount you paid and for how much GB RAM: You can reach us here: 

NB: You order will be delivered within 24 hours. If your payment is not complete for the type of VPS you want, your money will be refunded after 24 hours. 

Also contact us today to have us fund your account for you!

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