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Wonder ladies of Predictmag

Posted In: Predictions   Posted On: 2021/04/17 17:02 PM    Posted By: ituglobal

Wonder ladies of Predictmag


Predictmag gives everybody a level playing field and you can make money from your knowledge.


We have noticed that there are many women on the platform who make money as well, and we are very happy for that. We like our women (our sisters, relatives, friends, wives and mothers) and we get blown off when we see women in competitive areas like trading and predictions, doing what men are doing exactly!


We want more and more ladies to become our prophets and oracles and win more prizes from us, as well as making more and more profits.


One such lady is Eugene. C. She joined Predictmag in December 2020, and funded her account with only N3000, and nothing more. Since then till date, she has made profits. This is her trading statistics on Predictmag:


Deposit: N3,000

Number of trades: 35

Number of losses: 10

Number of winners: 25

Voided trades: Not accounted for

Gross profits: N135,909

Net profits: 111,760

Withdrawals: Not revealed.


And Eunice is only one of the numerous ladies on PredictMag, who make profits. Some ladies even perform better than her. All these are part-time endeavors. Choose your predicted answers and wait for days to know the outcome, while minding their normal business.


May God bless all Nigerian women!


See how much our users are making here: 

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