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Why we don’t give excellent trading information for free

Posted In: Forex Trading   Posted On: 2018/04/13 12:54 PM    Posted By: ituglobal

“People don’t value what they get for free.” – Dr. Van K. Tharp


Question: “OK Louise, if you’re such a freaking saint, then why don’t you give away your trading knowledge for free?”


All of these resources are the result of my 28 years of trading the markets, 20 years of being a best-selling author, and genuine concern to see that people get started trading effectively and safely. Every one of these resources take time, money, knowledge and creativity to produce – yet… do you hear me complain… well… not often.


Let me explain why we don’t give away everything for free.


People often don’t value what they receive for free. This means they don’t implement, and they don’t respect advanced resources, unless they’ve had to go through some sort of struggle to get to that resource. And, in this society, the ‘struggle’ doesn’t involve wrestling a mother lioness to the death… the ‘struggle’ means a financial price.


I used to give away hours & hours of personal training… for years and years… for free. Know what happened to all of those efforts? The wind blew, and the people I trained didn’t respect the lessons. They didn’t struggle. They received passively. And, as a result, the salient lessons didn’t penetrate deep into their unconscious and stick.


Money is a way of keeping score. I aim to cover my costs of running our websites, producing the products that are my creative little gems that I adore releasing into the world, and to pay for the licensing that is required for us to continue giving you a free ride. All of that costs money, to the tune of far more than the average wage – and even though I initially used my trading profits for the first couple of years to give away information to the trading community… I feel it works better when people pay for what they get.


Plus, frankly, I find money motivates me. And, if it doesn’t motivate you, then why consider trading?


Sometimes you have to buy a book. Yes, a book. That may mean saving up your cappuccino money & going into caffeine withdrawal for a few days… but the rewards will be worth it.


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