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Why NETELLER is scarce (exposed)

Posted In: Digital Currencies   Posted On: 2020/11/13 01:26 AM    Posted By: ituglobal

The scarcity of Neteller has been really remarkable this year as demand for it has gone through the roof. There is no doubt that this e-currency is popular among traders, bettors, and businessmen.


The reason behind the scarcity is that people fund with Neteller more than they withdraw. Period. If traders withdraw more than they fund, the story would be different and there wouldn’t be scarcity, because that would mean the supply of Neteller is higher than demand. However, the reverse is the case.


Most traders lose more money than they make

There are many rich brokers, but there are not many rich traders. The reality of trading is that people pump more money into trading than they withdraw. Traders fund their portfolios, lose the money, fund again, and lose the money. The more they lose, the more they think they’d found a strategy that would enable them to make money.


They would fund the account again and eventually experience huge drawdowns or margin calls. They may change brokers or strategies, yet they fund more.


That doesn’t mean that there are no traders who make more money than they pump into trading; but the percentage of profitable traders is very small when compared to the percentage of traders who make average gains that are smaller than average losses.


Most of our sellers are traders and bettors, and we have supply only when they withdraw their Neteller. So, if most of them cannot withdraw, owing to unfavorable market conditions, then there would be scarcity.


I recently found that the best trader on eToro made less than 30% per annum. Trading is hard... Otherwise many people would be rich if it were easy. If trading were easy, the market would not even exist. Although we found an edge with our BO strategy and we average 10% per month.


Call a solemn assembly

Please think about this. What is your trading result for this year? Are you profitable?

Did you make more money than you deposited this year? Did you deposit a total of 10,000 USD to make an additional 3000 USD; or did you deposit a total of 10,000 USD to lose up to 8,000 USD.


Do you like your trading result this year? Can you continue like this? What do you expect next year? Aren’t you going to take control and take charge?


PredictMag comes to the rescue

The biggest reason why we started PredictMag is to make it easier for people to make money from the markets, events, and programs. Those who use the website can testify to that truth. All our users have been able to withdraw money and nearly all have withdrawn more than they deposited.


Yes, PredictMag users are enjoying easy profits. The money you deposited on PredictMag isn’t the company’s money. It is your money and the profits you make are yours (apart from measures to check abuse of the platform and money laundering). We only cut 2% of your withdrawals so that we would be able to meet the costs of serving you.


If you want your trading results to change for the better and withdraw more and more money than you deposit, then consider



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