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Why many people won’t be able to start a business

Posted In: Uncategorized   Posted On: 2019/03/06 14:14 PM    Posted By: ituglobal

Why do some brilliant young people take up 9 to 5 jobs, when they could be entrepreneurs?


I know thre’re 5 types of people who can never create their own business according to their character:People-talk


  1. Overly talkative and overly talkative people will never be able to start their own business if they do not talk less and do more. “There is a very simple principle. People are divided into two types: people are business and people are reasoned. People of the second type will never have their own business, ”notes business coach Sergey Filippov. Infinitely talk is useless if in my head there is no clear plan and strategy.


  1. "Dreamers" will never start their own business. Such people usually have a lot of ideas, but most of them remain at the “have an idea” stage because of their unwillingness, inability or unwillingness to develop them. Such people, as a rule, do not have enough knowledge, ability to think strategically and to calculate the risks for which they are not ready.


  1. Timid non-gamblers. It's simple. There can be no question of business if a person is not ready to take risks. “You can’t think for long, because if you saw a niche, it’s not only you who saw it. And you need to quickly “close” it - and this is the time for bold and decisive actions, ”says Nikolay Novoselov, CEO, ArtNauka.


  1. The presence of fear only makes it difficult to plan and act in stages. Fear contributes to the desire to surrender at the very beginning, which naturally cuts off all possible ways of the prosperity of your idea.


  1. "Sloths"


“I like it when you clearly explain what needs to be realized and what the deadline is worth - your own business is definitely not for you. Like to relax on a well-deserved day off and turn off all the phones - then continue to relax on schedule.


In the case of business, laziness is not the engine of progress. Where did you hear that people quickly, easily and freely build empires and succeed? There are no such stories. Only by working hard and with labor and intelligence you can create your own business and give impetus to its prosperity.


  1. Perfectionists “These are individuals who love dreams more than their realization, have a fear of failure, and success too. These are mostly perfectionists, not pragmatists. In today's rapidly changing market, perfectionism is an unpromising goal, ”notes Pa: Kretov, commercial director of Re: Sale Expert. It’s bad to be a perfectionist in business. After all, it rarely happens that everything goes smoothly and perfectly according to plan. Business is a symbiosis of the structure and the human factor, we don’t have to talk about perfectionism with the latter, since the person is not a machine, and even with high endurance and vast experience, the human factor is of great importance.


So brilliant young people could be little bit lazy, perfectionists and also not ready to take a risk. That’s why they prefer to be employed. Don’t you think so?






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