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What was your trading results in 2020?

Posted In: Predictions   Posted On: 2021/01/21 13:05 PM    Posted By: ituglobal

 Hi traders:


The year 2020 is now behind us. How much did you make throughout last year? How many withdrawals did you make from your Forex trading brokers, or binary options brokers, or gambling brokers? Did you withdraw more than you deposited in total? Be honest with yourself and check your trading results.


Let us call a solemn assembly. Did you like the kind of results you got last year, as a trader? Would you ever want such results to be repeated this year? Do want better results this year or do you want to continue like this? Think about how long you have been trading? Are you proud to call yourself a trader? Trading is hard: But have you found a way to be consistently profitable?


Many traders prefer to go for what is popular, like conventional Forex trading platforms or binary options with traditional brokers? However, think. Do you want to continue doing what is popular and lose money continuously? Or do you want to try something new, that is less popular, but which would bring constant profits for you? is currently not a popular website, but it is unique. It proffers a new way to make easy money. And we are proud to let you know that, unlike conventional trading, where less than 5% of traders are profitable, over 80% of traders on are profitable...


As quick example; J. K. Alfred has made close to 1000% profits on our platform, with a few losing trades, and more than 25 winning trades. His win to loss ratio is 9:1. For every loss he sustained, he has made at least, 9 winnings.


T. Odebode has made more than 70 predictions and he has won a minimum of 60 trades. A. Akinwande has made over 80 predictions on the website and he has won at least, 75 of the predictions, thus able to double his account more than 20 times.


U. Valentine won 9 trades for every 1 trade he lost. He has withdrawn funds that are 9 times more than what he lost on the website. We know for sure, these traders may not find it easy to replicate this kind of success somewhere else. All the results above are not fictional. They are realities and you will see evidence soon.


There many other profitable traders on the website. Do you need money? Do you want to replicate the kind of results mentioned above? You can join them now:  

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