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What happened to those who predicted Anambra Elections?

Posted In: Predictions   Posted On: 2021/11/14 08:56 AM    Posted By: ituglobal

Hello Traders:


The major purpose of founding is to enable Nigerians to make political predictions.


However, major elections don’t take place every time and that is why we added entertainment, financial markets and sports to the platform, at least for those who love that.


Therefore, we are happy that there were certain users who predicted the outcome of Anambra elections, and guess what? They were mostly right.


You don’t need Mr. Fortune Teller to tell you this. Anambra is a stronghold of APGA, and Charles Soludo is one of the most qualified candidates to lead the people of Anambra. You can search for info on Charles Soludo, to know more about him.


We congratulate the people of Anambra, for successfully choosing a candidate with enviable tract records. We hope Charles Soludo will do his best to meet the expectations of the people of that great state and take the state to greater heights.


Lastly, we congratulate those Predictmag users who prophesied that Soludo cum APGA would win. The profits you made were well deserved.


More elections predictions are coming in future.


We will also roll out mouth-watering promos for those who show interest in our services.


More money to your bank accounts!


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