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We’re Testing Our Binary Options Strategy on Volatility Indices

Posted In: Forex Trading   Posted On: 2020/05/14 16:42 PM    Posted By: ituglobal

Some of you may have heard about synthetic markets called Volatility Indices like:


Volatility Index 100

Volatility Index 75

Volatility Index 50

Volatility Index 25

Volatility Index 10

Volatility Index 100 (1s)

Volatility Index 10 (1s)


The difference between Volatility Index 10 and Volatility Index 10 (1s) is that Volatility Index 10 moves by two ticks per second, whereas Volatility Index 10 (1s) moves by one tick per second. Some like to trade Volatility Index 75 and some like to trade Volatility Index 10: It all depends on an individual trading styles.


Many traders have been hailing Volatility Indices as being easy to trade mainly because it is not directly affected by fundamental events. Nonetheless, the hype is such much that we decided to try Volatility Indices in simulation mode and apply to our live accounts if all goes well.


Volatility Indices can be traded like binary (call and put with expiries) or normal margin trading (buy, sell, with stops and targets). But we need to know that whatever can bring us profits can also bring loss if things go Sane traders admit that even Volatility Indices can go against them and eat deep into their accounts, and that is fact.


Since we’re just testing whether our Binary Options (BO) strategy also works on Volatility Indices, we use smaller risk, and we’ve generated stable results so far.


Currency pairs are available 24/5, but Volatility Indices are available 24/7. Then our timing for FX pairs is also different than our timing for Volatility Indices. As normal, we risk only 2% per trade and open only 2 trades per day.


We want to know if we can get better result than we’re getting on FX, and we want to know if we can combine the 2 markets. Things can only get better. We will publish the results of the test of our BO strategy on Volatility Indices at the end of May 2020.


For you to learn how to trade with our BO strategy or have us manage funds for you, please contact us.



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