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This is how to sell Neteller to us

Posted In: Digital Currencies   Posted On: 2021/02/28 08:48 AM    Posted By: ituglobal

Traders and bettors can now start selling NETELLER to us, and get paid for that.


If your Netelller is useful for Forex and Binary Options deposit, you will get paid.


If your Netelller is using for betting sites, you will get paid.


However, if you Neteller is neither useful for Forex and Binary Options sites, nor useful for betting sites, the Neteller will be returned to you.


So, please be honest with yourself as regards the source of the Neteller you’re sending to us. If the source is betting/forex/bo websites (merchants’ websites), you will get paid. If not, you will get your Neteller back.


Henceforth, please allow up to 24 hours to get paid if you’re withdrawing Neteller through us. While instant payment remains true for Perfect Money (PM) and Payeer, it is no longer valid for Netelller as we need to confirm the source of your Neteller before paying you.


Sellers that cannot wait for up to 24 hours to get paid, may not need to sell Neteller to us at all.


We really appreciate your understanding as regards this. Things will eventually go back to normal, for we believe that, one day, Neteller will stop doing what they are doing now. Because if they don’t want people to use Mastercard to fund Neteller again, they should disable that option on their website.


To fund and withdraw with Neteller, please visit:

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