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This is how much we lost in July 2019

Posted In: Forex Trading   Posted On: 2019/08/25 05:31 AM    Posted By: ituglobal

Hello Traders:


Whether you believe it or not, it would take you 6 – 10 years of relentless effort, to become a master trader on your own. I’ve stayed long enough to be triumphant.


We lost 4 trades and won 3 trades in July 2019. That means we had more losses than profits. That was a drawdown.


Since January till now, July was the only losing month we suffered. We never had any losing month apart from July.


This is our recent profits history:


Recent performances (closed trades only)


January 2019 = 0 pips

Trades: 0 losses, 0 wins


February 2019 = 1,880 pips

Trades: 3 losses, 11 wins


March 2019 = 880 pips

Trades: 0 losses, 6 wins


April 2019 = 1,290 pips

Trades: 0 losses, 10 wins


May 2019 = 223 pips

Trades: 0 losses, 5 wins


June 2019 = 135 pips

Trades: 0 losses, 3 wins


July 2019 = -1,560 pips

Trades: 4 losses, 3 wins


There is no trading idea in the world that won’t have occasional periods of drawdown - even the best trading idea.


Yet, it’s not uncommon to see many individuals with either shallow sense (or lack of experience), jubilating on only one or a few winning trades. Your strategy merit cannot be determined until you’ve placed hundreds or thousands of trades.


Trading forums and websites are full of hypocrites, who show and talk about their winning trades only… But when they lose seriously, they keep silent.


It’s like a prophet who only makes references to his prophecies which came to pass, and keep silent about their prophecies which failed.


But we would be stupid to tell people only about profits when we hide our losses. If we stopped trading today, this year is still profitable. And nevertheless, it would be only a matter of time before the drawdown is recovered.


We beg our trading signals clients to adhere to our lot sizes, risk management and exit recommendations. With that, they will survive just like us. Only those who survive can triumph.


Honesty remains the best policy. When you prove yourself to be honest, people will trust you. That’s why our customers send money to buy e-currencies, without even bothering to come to our office, and that’s why they don’t worry when they transfer e-currencies to us, waiting for quick payment online.


If you don’t follow our signals as we recommend, this signals strategy cannot work for you.


We can’t determine if August is profitable or not until the end of the month.


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