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The problems of rich people

Posted In: Uncategorized   Posted On: 2019/06/21 15:48 PM    Posted By: ituglobal

What are the dark sides of being financially well off that people overlook?


I’ve met a few mega-rich people in my time. Not one of them was happy. The best example was a guy I knew in Chicago. Worth about half a billion bucks, he had the penthouse suite in the apartment block in Chicago which he owned and a huge house on the water’s edge in Miami. Each location had a Porsche, a Mercedes and a super muscle car in its garage. Winters were spent in Miami, summers in Chicago. At the Miami house, the boat ramp had a 40 foot fast craft and a few water bikes.


He was built on my lines, short, stocky, a few years younger than I but going bald. When I went out to lunch with him one day, he expressed his deep worries and decisions to be made:


He was always upset at having missed a couple of deals that would have made him another $80M. I asked him what he would do with that money that he couldn’t do now and he was confused by the question;


He was worrying about whether he should get hair transplants;


He was worried that the Playboy models and centrefolds who came to stay at his house and share his bed were really attracted to him or his money; I was there when a couple of these women were there and I saw no signs that they particularly liked him, so he may have had a point;


He was equally worried that the sports superstars who were his friends really liked him or were they laughing behind their backs at his short stature;



What are the dark sides of being financially well off that people overlook?






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