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The best advice for Nigerian youths (life changing)

Posted In: Forex Trading   Posted On: 2019/03/06 13:58 PM    Posted By: ituglobal




1) Always go to the place least crowded.


Success is found where nobody else is.



2) Being secretly good to people = Superhero.


Being famous for the sake of being famous = Loser.



3) Good relationships = Good life. Bad relationships = Bad life.


Similar to this: Audience selection is better than audience development.


You don’t want people around you that you always have to teach. Instead, pick the right people to be around you.



4) If you do what you always did, you’ll get what you’ve always gotten.


If you want your life to change, do something different, something unexpected, take a wrong turn off a dirt road.



5) Sleep and rest.


People always say “work hard”. Work a lot. Hustle and grind.


But you’re only going to grow when you rest. Working is when you do things. Resting is when the brain grows and rewires itself.



6) Bad things will happen. Treat them like opportunities.


You are going to have to repeat that every day.



7) Don’t feel sorry for yourself ever. See above.



8) Be creative every day.


Everyone else will stay in their lane. But if you are creative every day you’ll get further and faster than everyone else.



9) Live life as if today MIGHT be your last day.


It might not!


So don’t kill people you hate. But don’t do something today in hopes of a better outcome tomorrow. Make the most of each day.



10) Don’t eat a lot.


I mean, enjoy your food. But always remember, even when you feel hungry, that you aren’t starving.


You live in a country where your stomach is ALWAYS full. If you eat more then you’ll be unhappy.



11) READ.


You are so lucky. Most people don’t read. Those people are losers. If you read one good thing a day then in a few years you’ll know thousands more things than anyone else.



12) Don’t “Can’t”.


Don’t ever say you “can’t” do something. If there’s something you passionately want, there’s always some way to get it or get close to it.



13) Double park with impunity.


If you have to get somewhere, don’t be afraid to double park. At the first chance, though, get someone to move your car. Don’t be a dick.



14) Buy convenience.


If you have to spend your last dollar to have an easier commute always do it. Convenience is worth more than physical items.



15) Don’t read the news.


Every second you read “news” you can be reading or doing something that can improve your life.


People who write news are phonies.



16) Everything worthwhile requires skill.


If you want to achieve something, you need more skill than all of the other people trying to achieve it.


Break apart a skill into 20 micro-skills. Figure out how, each day, you can get better at each micro-skill.


Don’t worry about the outcomes. outcomes happen naturally as you build the skills. Just every day focus on improving each micro-skill a tiny, tiny bit.


This is the roadmap to success in anything you want to do.



17) If someone doesn’t like you, then ignore them.


This seems obvious but it isn’t. Sometimes when someone doesn’t like me, I waste time trying to get them to like me.


This is how you win the loser’s trophy.



18) It doesn’t mean anything to “be yourself”.


But decide every day what you believe in and don’t compromise on those beliefs.


Every time you compromise, you become part of the machine. Much more happiness is found outside of the machine.



19) Don’t believe something just because everyone else believes it.


Those are the worst fakes. Except for psychopaths although I bet they are related.



20) Don’t forget to call me.


Happy 20th birthday, honey. I love you more than I love at least 7 billion other people.






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