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Psychological Problems 2 – Forex Trading

Posted In: Forex Trading   Posted On: 2020/02/01 07:48 AM    Posted By: ituglobal

Before recent results of our Forex signals are released, we need to iterate important issues affecting Forex traders and those who’re interested in our signals.


If you’re looking for a strategy that can’t lose, you’ll search for eternity, for such doesn’t exist. There’s no way to know what price will do next, and it doesn’t matter whether you act in anticipation of what you think the market will do, or you simply react to a development in the market. Sometimes the market will go in your favor, and sometime it won’t.


The rule for survival is: When the market goes in your favor, accept the profits, and when it goes against you, try not to lose much. This will make you recover when the market eventually moves in your favor.


You lose some trades and you win some trades - there is no way around that. Some losses are big, and some are small. Some gains are big and some gains are small. Just make sure that, over a long period of time, you make an average gains that are is bigger than an average loss.


When someone learns how to trade our Forex Strategy, they usually will not follow the rules after they finish the training, because they’ll always think there’s something they can do better to enhance the system. And with that, they get results that are different than what is intended.


Many of those who subscribe to our Forex signals services do so with unrealistic expectations. You can join us when the system is in a temporary losing period and you conclude that the signals aren’t worth it. Or you can join when the system is in a temporary winning period and you conclude that the signals are worth it.


There will always be a period of temporary losses and temporary wins…. But there should be overall positivity ultimately (whether in a year or so)


When a client takes a signal, they may use a bigger position size than we recommend, and that is risky. They may even close the trade earlier than we recommend. Most importantly, they may even fail to enter additional trades because the recent trades they took ended in losses (without knowing that the new trades can be winners that may recover recent losses).


That’s why experts say that your success as a trader has nothing to do with your strategy; but it has many things to do with your psychology. Most of us approach trading with a mindset that is contrary to what is needed to achieve lasting success, and this kind of mindset is difficult to remove because it’s part of the blood.


Can you see why lasting trading success seems elusive to many people?


As for us, we have no choice but to follow our system religiously, irrespective of the outcome of an individual trade. We manage our risk and we use small sizes, and trade each signal irrespective of the outcome of the last trade. That’s why we always have profits to show on annual basis, irrespective of the losses we encounter along the way.


Yes our recent Forex trading results will be released soon.



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