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Predictmag: The best way to fund your account

Posted In: Predictions   Posted On: 2021/05/01 15:29 PM    Posted By: ituglobal

 Hi Traders:


When you fund or replenish your Predictmag wallets, you will see certain available options like Neteller, Perfect Money, and Cash Transfer.


Cash Transfer remains the most popular option and it comes in 2 ways:


Cash Transfer


Credit Card


Cash Transfer is useful only when you want to transfer directly to our corporate bank account.


Just transfer, using the option as indicated and notify us by email. Your payment will be confirmed and your account will be credited.


However, the most popular option remains “Credit Card Option. If you use this option, please make sure you use credit card deposit so that your account will be credited automatically, and without delay.


If you choose Credit Card Option and you use USSD or Bank Transfer to send money, your wallet will not be credited automatically, and you will still need to contact us to get your wallet credited.


Once again, use card to pay in order for your wallet to get credited automatically. Otherwise, use Cash Transfer option and contact us to get replenished.


May you make more profitable predictions.



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