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PredictMag Diviners and Soothsayers

Posted In: Predictions   Posted On: 2021/05/16 07:20 AM    Posted By: ituglobal

Hello Traders:

We have a new page/tab on, which is about how much exactly are users making on our websites.

We have concealed our user’s privacy, and so, we cannot reveal their details. The columns on the page are explained below:

User ID: That refers to the registration number of the user allocated to them at the time of their registration.

Gross Profits: That is the total amount of money in terms on Naira (NGN) which the user has gained since joining PredictMag.

ROI (Last Prediction): This is the amount of profits the User made during their last prediction. The Rate of Return used here doesn’t showcase all the % profits a User has made since joining PredictMag. Rather it lays emphasis on the result of the last prediction.

Yes, if you are able to look at something and say what will happen to it in future (whether the nearest future or the foreseeable future), then you really are a diviner and a soothsayer.

See their list, returns and ROI here:

NB: Mr. Fortune Teller will soon release latest predictions for the second quarter (Q2) of 2021, please get ready to make more money.

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