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Please don’t do this thing on PredictMag!

Posted In: Predictions   Posted On: 2021/06/19 10:26 AM    Posted By: ituglobal

Hi Traders:


Nothing ventured nothing gained. To make money on, you need to make a deposit. Without depositing money, you cannot make real predictions on the website, and without making real predictions, you cannot make money on the website.


Something similar to the message below has been shared before and we want to repeat it here (as it bears repetition), because some users are still making unnecessary mistakes which result in delays for them. We are also repeating it because of new users who recently joined us.



When you are making deposit on Predictmag, you can pay with Perfect Money. Just choose Perfect Money (PM) option and follow the simple instruction you see.



Secondly, you can deposit by direct Cash Transfer. That means you transfer cash to our corporate account, and you notify us immediately, so that we can credit your Predictmag wallet. When choosing Cash Transfer option, please follow the simple instruction you see.



Lastly the most popular means of deposit on our platform is by Credit Card.  When you choose Credit Card Options, make sure you use Credit/Debit Card only, to pay. When you use Credit Card or Debit Card, you PredictMag account gets credited automatically.


There is a notice there that you should “Use Card Option Only.” Please do not ignore this notice. When you choose Credit Card option, please do not use SMS Transfer (nor USSD Transfer), and do not use bank to bank cash transfer.


If you do this, your PredictMag account will not be credited automatically, and you will still need to contact us for us to confirm you payment and then credit your account manually.  This will consume much time, and the predictions you are interested in may have been closed before this issue is resolved.


So please, if you use Credit Card option, do not use any other means to pay except Credit or Debit card. Doing this, you will enjoy automated crediting of your account and you can then predict instantly.



Please contact us if you have any questions:  



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