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Posted In: Forex Trading   Posted On: 2020/06/25 11:14 AM    Posted By: ituglobal

It’s no longer news that has become You know that there’s a BO strategy we’re using on their platform and in the past, we attached the screenshot of a reports page, one report at a time.


To show a report of about 10 trades, we would need to send about 20 or less screenshots. This is time and space-consuming.


However, with we can simply take one screenshot which would say how much we have made or lost from the last 50 trades. This will be the summary of the last 50 trading activities.


That’s a great leap and it takes less time and space to do. You can look at the image and see if a strategy is worth it.


The next time we send you a screenshot of our recent trades plus profits and losses, you will see what we mean. But those who’re using that broker would have seen that.


Please let us know if you need our strategy or you want us to manage your funds for you.


 NB: Please note that we can fund your account for you. All you need to give us is your (Meta Trader 4) MT4 login. We don’t need your password (as you shouldn’t give that to anybody), as only the login number will do. We will fund the account for you instantly.


If you fund your MT4 account through us, you can also withdraw through us and have your Naira account funded directly.


This process is faster than when you fund and withdraw directly with Instaforex


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