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NETELLER Withdrawals Promos Extended till March 18, 2019

Posted In: E-Currency Discussion   Posted On: 2019/02/20 12:46 PM    Posted By: ituglobal

Hello Traders:


Every NETELLER seller remains our VIP!


NOTE: Owing to requests from our highly esteemed customers, we’ve decided to extend our Neteller sales promo. This is allowed because of our love for our customers.


It is an opportunity for everybody to sell Neteller at high rates and make more money.  You can also get Neteller from someone at cheap rates and withdraw through us at high rates, to pocket the difference as profits.


This is an unusual bonanza!


You can now sell Neteller at N335/$. This rate is valid for all sellers, and our VIPs and customers.


As long as you sell @least 100 USD, you qualify. All Access Bank customers get a flat rate of N335/$, no matter the amount they sell.


If you sell below 100 USD, you get only N330/$. The minimum you can do per transaction is 20 USD.


However, we buy Neteller only from our verified customers. To get verified, please sign up at: and upload the required documents in the right formats.


Please sell as much Neteller as you have right now.., especially to get more Naira cash for your personal needs, because we will lower the price to N320/$. 






To see our current rates, please visit




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