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NETELLER: Uploads in PNG Formats Now Available

Posted In: E-Currency Discussion   Posted On: 2018/10/10 21:31 PM    Posted By: ituglobal

Hello Traders:


Formerly you can only upload your documents on www, in PDF and/or Jpeg formats only.


However, we discovered that this limits the visibility of documents uploaded by our customers, especially those who’re interested in registering for Neteller funding and withdrawals with us. Therefore, we decided to add PNG formats feature on our website.


This means as from now on, you can upload your documents in PNG, PDF or Jpeg formats, and you documents will be visible on our end.


You can give it a trial today.



NETELLER: How to Benefit from Our Services!


NOTE:  In order to benefit from our services you need to get verified by us. 2 documents are needed for this:


Please upload your passport photo.


Then upload your international passport OR driver’s license OR national ID card OR voter’s card.


The documents could be in Jpeg or PNG or PDF formats – standard and with good resolution.


Alternatively, you can come to our office for physical verification, where you will bring any federal government-issued ID card and you will be required to login into the email address you use for your Neteller account to prove its ownership.


Thank you!



To fund and withdraw with Neteller, please visit:






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