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Meet the New Prophets at PredictMag

Posted In: Predictions   Posted On: 2021/01/30 12:15 PM    Posted By: ituglobal

Meet the new Prophets at


Prophet Alfred Akinwande: He became our prophet by predicting/making 10 trades in a row, without a single loss. He thus qualified for a brand-new, latest Android phone, which has already been given to him.


Prophet Valentine Uchendu: Valentine become our prophet by predicting/making 20 trades in a row, without a single loss. What is amazing about this guy is that the accuracy of his forecasts, with very few losers and many, many winners. We gave him a brand-new Android phone.


Prophet Tolulope Odebode: Tolulope is best described as someone who never gives up. There was a time he made 9 winners in a row. There was another time he made 19 straight winners, but a bad trade scuttled his chances. He tried again, and he won, at last, collecting an Android phone.


Prophet Jeremiah Kim Alfred: Jeremiah Kim is a smart gentleman who is very good at making money. He predicts, withdraws profits, predicts, and withdraws more profits. He doesn’t stop predicting and making profits. Until he became our prophet, winning a phone.


You can read these tips to know how to become our prophets:   

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