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ItuGlobal: Our Binary Options Strategy Is Live!

Posted In: Forex Trading   Posted On: 2019/11/06 11:28 AM    Posted By: ituglobal


This Binary Options Strategy Has Gone to Work Again


I used a Binary Options strategy a few years ago, and I was losing on most weekdays, except Fridays. So I restricted my trading to Fridays only.


That made me reach No. 7 out of all Binary Options signals providers on Zulutrade, within 2 years.


Sadly, Zulutrade said they won’t support Binary Options again. They still don’t support it till now. And because I don’t trust most Binary Options brokers, I stopped using the strategy.


The strategy was made available as a handbook and manual, given to our customers who’re interested in it. Some of them acquired the strategy (caveat: You need to follow the strategy to the letter), and later shared wonderful testimonies.


Yes, we have customers who trade Binary Options and make money and withdraw profits. One of them (name to be announced later as our new VIP), encouraged us to try a popular broker. We first tried them in a simulation mode and later, we went live. The result has been nice.


To add more to our joy, we’ve found a way to use the Binary Options strategy on a daily basis and the results make us shed tears of joy.


That means we don’t need to wait till only Friday again before the strategy is implemented. Now we trade everyday and assess our results on a weekly basis, not on a monthly basis.


There is a simple way we do this. We simply change our entry time on weekdays, while the entry time on Friday is the only different thing. We also stick to our daily trading limits and money management method.


Please note that this Binary Options Strategy is different from our Forex Signals services.


More details about the strategy are coming soon!


IMPORTANT NOTE: If you’ve already bought the strategy from us, please contact us so that we can tell you when to trade it on Monday to Thursday as well, very simple! We have the records of those who’ve acquired the strategy from us.


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