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I bet you can trade like this too

Posted In: Forex Trading   Posted On: 2019/08/29 13:00 PM    Posted By: ituglobal

Could a bet change your life?


And I’m not talking about playing the lotteries or backing the horses…


I mean, could a challenge between two people seriously impact the way you trade?


Well, the answer is: yes.


I’m going to tell you an inspiring story this week. It’s about a group of everyday people who made $175 million in the markets. And the best bit is, it’s a true story.


Most of the people you’ll hear about began with no experience. They came from all walks of life…regular people with regular jobs. But with the right mentor, they made fortunes.


I’ll tell you how they did it in a minute.


But first, I have a challenge for you…


Hollywood make-believe

Okay, see if you can recognise these lines:


We took a perfectly useless psychopath like Valentine, and turned him into a successful futures trader. And during the same time, we turned an honest, hard-working man into a violently, deranged, would-be killer!”


These were the words of Randolph Duke in the 1983 move Trading Places.


Now, Randolph and his brother Mortimer were commodity brokers. And just for fun, the Dukes had a bet to see if they could change the course of a person’s life.


You see, Randolph thought success or failure was largely due to luck… he thought anyone could do well… it was all to do with being in the right place at the right time.


His brother, on the other hand, said a person is born to either rise or fall.


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