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How to handle PredictMag Monday markets

Posted In: Predictions   Posted On: 2021/02/22 12:44 PM    Posted By: ituglobal

Dear Traders:


There are different kinds of trades in different categories on, but the most popular trades are Forex, cryptos, commodities and stock indices.


There are weekend trades, which are always placed on weekends and closed early on Mondays.


There are mid-week trades that are usually placed late on Wednesday and are closed on Fridays.


Also, in order to give you a wide array of opportunities to make money, we have introduced Monday trades. Monday trades are placed on Mondays and closed on the following Sunday.



A Monday trade looks like this:


Question: Will there be a bullish daily candle on Nasdaq 100 (NAS100) daily chart by the end of Monday, March 1, 2021?


Option A: Yes


Option B: No


The Rules

No matter how small the daily candle is at the end of Monday, we want to know if the candle is bullish or the close price is higher than the open price. Hugo’s Way charts are used for decisions.


NB: This trade will be closed on Sunday, February 28, 2021.



With this kind of trade, you will simply predict if the market will trend upwards on Monday or move downwards on Monday. Buyers and sellers are always active in the markets any day, but buyers (bulls) may prevail over sellers (bears), which means price moves up, or sellers may prevail over buyers (price moves downwards).


If the market is overbought on Friday, you can predict that it would go down next Monday. If the market has reached a stubborn resistance level, you may choose “NO,” predicting that the market will drop most of next Monday.  If you are correct, you will make money.


If you notice that a new bullish trend is forming (whether from an existing uptrend or from an exhausted previous downtrend), you can also choose “YES.” You will make money if the market goes up further on Monday.


If the open price is lower than the close price on Monday (daily charts), that means the market is bearish (falling for the day). If the open price is higher than the close price, then it means the overall movement is northward.


Use your indicators, charts analytical tools, experience and consultation with other traders to make money from Monday trades.


Predict today and end up making money:

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