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Free recharge cards for all PredictMag Users

Posted In: Predictions   Posted On: 2021/04/10 09:12 AM    Posted By: ituglobal

Free Easter Shopping Promo for PredictMag users is now behind us, and we have come with anther promo. We are giving free recharge cards to our users.


This is how you can win it:


If you win 5 straight trades (5 consecutive winners) in a row, we will send you a N1000 recharge card.


If you win 10 straight trades (20 consecutive winners) in a row, we will send you a N2000 recharge card.


If you win 20 straight trades (20 consecutive winners) in a row, of course you know, you will get a brand-new Android phone from us. That is a permanent promo.


This promo is valid for those who place trades within Sunday, April 11, 2021 and Sunday, April 25, 2021. Any trades placed outside this timeframe will not qualify you for the promo.


Recharge cards will be sent to your phone number, any network of your choice.


Of course, all the profits you make are yours, plus your capital base.


This is an unlimited promo, valid for as many people as qualified.


Once you win, just contact us on Telegram or via email and claim your prizes. That is all.


NB: We’re trying our best to see that users make money continuously on our platform. For example, 85% of our users made lots of money in the last 3 weeks! Yes, a lot of money from predicting events and waiting for results to come out, they are happily cashing out. That is our goal for you.


Join us here: 


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